This website was made simply to collect free recourses to make things with, be it a website, game, presentation, or whatever someone comes up with. I made it because I kept trying to find free to use music and came up with nothing (and royalty free is a load of crap, the majority of the time I have to spend money on a cheezy song so I can have it in my free game). But, because of this, I have created TheFreeResources to make it easier to find legitimately free elements for anything.
The Team:
PaulTheBod [Email] - Founder, owner, creator, and does everything for now.
Why did you make this website?
I've played with web development and game development and I found it hard to get started (primarily with game development) if you don't have a few hundred bucks to drop on the proper software. This ranges from graphics to actual game deveopment to hosting and getting whatever you made out there, because games, website, and videos aren't made by 1 magic program.
What does the name mean?
It's meant to be about how the site is making creation free, or something. I don't really know, it sounded coolish and the domain was available.
What's with the logo?
The logo was quickly whipped up in Photoshop when I started making the website. I kept it so far because it looks cool and edgy, even though it really is only supposed to represent that you don't have to pay for anything here. It's very simple to make and is, therefore, in the public domain and free to use!
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